Own the Courtroom

Whether in voir dire, openings, cross, or closings, our preparation for the courtroom must eliminate the false, scripted presentational style that so many attorneys fall into. If we want improved outcomes for our clients, the answer lies in discovering an agile, organic “flow” state with an unspoken subtext of justice driving our vocal nuances. This alignment with our most authentic intentions – to the exclusion of fear-based stylizing – evokes an empowered sense of right and wrong in juries, and lifts our calling to the highest level.


“Claude Stein sidesteps reason and helps lawyers get to the truth of who they are. Connecting with jurors and judges becomes easier—even fun. He clears the obstacles, allowing the voice of a powerful advocate to be heard. I have watched Claude help scores of lawyers (including me) get to their next level”.

Rick Friedman

Past President:
The Inner Circle of Advocates
Author: “The Way of the Trial Lawyer: Beyond Technique”
“Rules of the Road”