Trauma-Informed Voicework

In this program we learn to find our voices and give new perspectives to our experience. The atmosphere is safe and friendly, full of encouragement, and guided by a teacher who has worked with thousands of non-singers. With fear of judgement off the table, we become unashamed to be seen for who we truly are. Easy to follow exercises add positive lyrics and integrate our past experiences into a story of triumph and release. With our new “song”, our authentic inner narratives lead the way into self-acceptance, freedom, and healing. It’s a unique methodology for exciting group-work, full of vocal and personal breakthroughs.

Multi-platinum award winning voice coach Claude Stein has coached more than 30,000 people around the world to find their singing voice. He specializes in helping “non-singers” to overcome shyness, match pitch, and sing from the heart.

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“Claude Stein’s seminars are transformational and healing in ways that most therapists take months and years to achieve. His work is powered by strong technique, humor, a gentle heart and deep affection for participants. He is one of the most effective and talented facilitators I have ever worked with.”
-Linda Belans, EdD.
Director, Health Arts Network
Duke University Medical Center