Transformational Voicework

Music lends itself to deep personal sharing like no other activity. The many styles elevate and frame our longings and fears, our joys and our passions. Given it’s rich, evocative nature, our innermost thoughts and darkest feelings are welcomed and ennobled.

In this program for professionals we cultivate high-trust and courage where each of us can risk finding the hidden beauty and authentic leadership that lies beneath our emotional armor and self-limiting beliefs.

Claude has worked with more than 30,000 individuals, and brought transformational voicework to dozens of leadership programs around the world. He is a Multi-Platinum award winner and his unique approach enables anyone, regardless of experience, to give voice to the inner narratives that free the soul. 

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“Claude expresses subtle skills of coaching, helping each participant stretch without breaking and turning each individual coaching session into group learning. He has tremendous empathy and respect. This is about daring to be vulnerable in order to lead more powerfully.”
-Joanna Barsh
Director Emeritus
McKinsey & Company

“Claude Stein’s seminars are transformatio