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Own the Courtroom

Endorsed by Rick Friedman

I firmly believe all lawyers have untapped advocacy potential. We can work harder at what we already know how to do—read, study, mimic and adapt the techniques of others. And then, there is the next level. I have watched Claude help scores of lawyers (including me) get to their next level.

Claude sidesteps reason and helps lawyers get to the truth of who they are. Connecting with jurors and judges becomes easier—even fun. Because there is a powerful advocate inside, who wants to speak. Claude clears the obstacles, allowing that voice to be heard.

-Rick Friedman
Author of “The Way of the Trial Lawyer: Beyond Technique”

Impact Hearts and Minds

  • Build Trust and Command Attention
  • Generate Empathy Around You
  • Connect in Person and Virtually

Master Your Delivery

  • Learn Persuasive Pacing and Inflection
  • Cultivate Organic Style and Gestures
  • Think on Your Feet with Ease
  • Regulate Passion and Reduce the Pitfalls of Perfectionism

Overcome Anxiety

  • Experience Real Confidence and “Flow”
  • Stay Cool and Focused When the Stakes are High
  • Regain Inspiration and Stay Grounded in your Calling

This Program is For:

Experienced attorneys whe want to sharpen their skills and those who may be new to the courtroom.

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Claude Stein

Claude Stein

is a Multi-Platinum award winning voice coach with clients on every major record label.


Massachussets General Hospital Leadership Academy

The Center for Professional Excellence

Mobius Executive Leadership

The Omega Institute

Esalen Institute

The New York Open Center

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Main Stage Keynotes:

The National Speakers Association

The International Coaches Federation

The Creative Problem Solving Institute

The Qualitative Research Consultants Organization

The Global Sufficiency Network

The California Workforce Association

The World Bank

Pro-Bono Programs:

Every Voice Counts

The Mastery Foundation

The Global Sufficiency Summit.

The Boys and Girls Club of America

The Authentic Leadership Institute